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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why go to University of Georgia study to music and clarinet?
A: The clarinet studio has established itself as among the finest in the United States through the successes of the students at international competitions, national auditions and graduate school auditions. There is a healthy balance of competition and camaraderie within the studio and a sense of pride for being one of the best studios in the school.  Feel free to contact any of the members of the clarinet studio for an insider's insight.  I'm happy to supply you with names and email address of my students.  

The Hugh Hodgson School of Music is home to approximately 300 undergraduates and 200 graduate students and is housed in a magnificent state of the art facility. The ensembles are strong and under excellent leadership.  There are plenty of practice rooms and hundreds of performances to attended, including world class faculty recitals, chamber music concerts and traveling orchestras presented in the wonderful  Performing Arts Center.

The University of Georgia is consistently rated by U.S. News and World Report as a top 20 Public University as well as on Kiplingers list of Great Schools at a Great Price.  The beautiful campus is set in the middle of what is often identified in the press as one of the greatest college towns in  the United States, Athens, GA.   We are host to many NCAA athletic events  and Atlanta is just an hour away.  

Q. How big is your studio?
A. I am currently teaching 15-16 students.  Our clarinet program ranges from 20 to 25 students.  Some students are taught by a graduate assistant in consultation with me. 

Q. How many openings do you anticipate for the fall of 2017?
A. I anticipate having 5 vacancies to fill in my own studio and additional vacancies in the other clarinet studios.

Q. Do you have any graduate assistantships available for next fall?
A.  Yes. We have 2 brand new designated CLARINET ASSISTANTSHIPS for the Fall of 2013.  One will be assigned to teach clarinet and play in the Southern Woodwind Quintet, our graduate quintet.  The other will teach clarinet and play in the Wind Ensemble under the direction of our esteemed director of bands, Dr. John Lynch.   


Q. When are the application deadlines for UGA?
A. Undergraduate: To be considered for undergraduate early admission (non-binding), your UGA application must be complete by October 15, 2012. To be considered for regular admission, your application must be complete by January 15, 2013.

Graduate:  Your application must be complete by December 1 (SOM deadline) for assistantship consideration.

Q. What if I cannot attend on an audition date?
A.  If you cannot attend on audition date, another audition can be arranged for you.  Please email me to set up an alternate audition date.    

Q. Do you have any advice for  a prospective student wanting to be in your studio?  
A. Yes.  Here is a check list: 

1) Contact Dr. McClellan in advance and let him know you are applying to UGA.

2) Apply early to both the University and to the School of Music.

3)  Undergraduates, study privately while in high school.  It makes a huge difference in how prepared you will be for your audition and for being a music major.  

4) Attend festivals and camps, such as JanFest at UGA, University of Georgia Summer Music Camp, Clarinet Academy of the South and audition for All-State.

5) Take your academics seriously!  It will help you to get into UGA.  

6) Prepare for the SAT (undergraduate) and the GRE (graduate).  


D. Ray McClellan

D. Ray McClellan | Professor of Clarinet | Hugh Hodgson School of Music | University of Georgia | 250 River RoadAthens, GA 30606 |

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